Code of conduct

We love food so much at Harriken that we always eat as if every meal was our last, and in an attempt to make that very meal all the more special, we’re indeed getting better at identifying the best eateries. That being said, we all tend to get disappointed from time to time.


Reviews are largely subjective and there will often be ones that we don’t agree with, which is why it is up to us to go through multiple reviews before reaching a concrete decision. Irrespective of how good or bad our experience is, when leaving a review, we must adhere to the following norms. Note: The same principles must apply whenever we report reviews made by other users and suggest edits on existing data on Harriken.

Relevance is the key

Reviews must be relevant to the Harriken platform. We want to hear about your personal experience. Consequently, one you are narrating on behalf of a friend will not be counted as your review. Reviews must also be factually correct.

Focus on details but avoid clutter

Harriken is designed to accept reviews which are at least 140 characters in length. This measure is in place, so that reviews written are objective and helpful to fellow Harrikenators. Moreover, if the review accounts for the taste of the food, level of service and the ambience of the restaurant, it will automatically reach the required length. But, in order attain the minimum length, do not include redundant remarks.

Multiple reviews

You can submit multiple reviews for each restaurant you visit because experiences differ each time. But make sure that the new review provides a different insight or adds to the existing pool of information rather than just repeating takeaways that are similar to your last experience.

Promotional content

With the exception of activity from an Enterprise account, where you may add content to your restaurant’s Harriken profile, we generally frown upon promotional content. Reviews are meant to be from fellow users and we must avoid any kind of commercial noise from our ends.

Keep it fair

Tell the whole story. Our experience tells us that it is extremely rare to have absolutely nothing positive to mention about an experience. While you are most welcome to voice your opinion, stay clear of any misrepresentation or exaggeration.

Be respectful

Keep the tone civil and non-argumentative. Avoid using a derogatory tone in your reviews. If the food is really that bad, you do have the (personal) choice of not going there again. Finally, we have observed an increasing number of users opting to profanity. Remember, by taking that route, the only person you’re belittling is yourself.

Conflicts of interest

Reviews must be unbiased and objective. Reviews induced by some form of benefit are not permitted. These include but aren’t necessarily limited to one’s repeated addition of reviews, time and time again, for multiple outlets. These could also be ones that are plagiarised or found to not be in one’s own words. Harriken is taking strong steps with regards to taking necessary action against reviews that are proven to be fake.

Make sure, you do not exercise your power to review to gain unfair benefits from a restaurant, such as threatening or blackmailing to post a negative review of a restaurant in exchange of special discounts, rebates, or offers that are not otherwise available to regular customers.

While writing a powerful, compelling review is not easy, we must strive to always be honest to ourselves by trying our level best to help one another, because one day it might just be someone else’s review that comes to our aid.

User profiles

Harriken believes in helping Harrikenators have an exceptional food experience. But for that, you need to help us too, with the necessary information to do so through your Harriken profile.

Keep it real

A user profile is your identity on Harriken. Keep it real. Opening fake profiles for any purpose whatsoever is not permitted. Moreover, the information visible on the profile should also not be in any way inappropriate.

Keep it updated

Keep the information on your Harriken profile (including your email address and phone number) updated. This helps us reach out to you when we need to. Moreover, by doing so, you can stay informed about campaigns and events that are taking place from time to time.

By following these two simple guidelines, you can help provide valuable information that will assist us in serving you more efficiently.

Measures in the event of violation

Harriken shall be taking direct action against those that are proven to be in direct conflict with the above. This could include removing the review in violation, or even restricting a user’s access from Harriken altogether.

Harrikenators, let’s stand by each other and work towards making this positive contribution to everyone around us.

The Harriken Team

Updated on December 26, 2017

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