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What is Harriken?

Harriken is a platform dedicated to helping you find restaurants and food related information. Presently you'll be able to find information on about 4,000 places to eat around Dhaka- more than Google, more than Facebook.

Why Harriken when there's Facebook?

Harriken has been designed in a way to help address dining related queries. All restaurants don't necessarily have Facebook profiles, and even if they do, we have often found the information to be not up-to-date. Search results return restaurants only and there is no clutter.
We are working closely with restaurants to improve the quality of information, so that our users find Harriken more useful.

What is the purpose of Harriken?

Harriken is working hard to build a community of food enthusiasts who help each other in finding the best dining experience.

How can Harriken help me?

Harriken provides you with information on about 4,000 restaurants, including menu, location, price range, business hours, contact number, review, rating etc. which would make your decision of choosing a restaurant easier.

How to use Harriken's service?

You can use Harriken through our website, or you can download our app.

How much will it cost me to run Harriken?

Harriken is completely free of charge. However, in order to access our platform, at a bare minimum, you would need access to an Internet connection, which would mean you would need to be in a Wi-Fi environment or have a data subscription. In terms of charges, you can be assured that your data will never run out if Harriken is the only app you use on your data subscription.

How to create a Harriken account?

You can create a Harriken account by signing up using your email address or by connecting directly through your Facebook account on our sign-up page.

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